Welcome to the After Phantasm ~ Beyond the Border Wikia

Beyond the Border is a site dedicated to Touhou roleplaying of all kinds, whether it be canon, fanon, crack, or anything else. This is Gensokyou expanded, OCs are allowed and many more. For more information, you can read the Hakurei Wiki Rules. Please try to stick to them and be a good roleplayer. If you are in need or any kind of assistance, go ahead and ask for a moderator. If you wish to join in, go ahead and go to the character page and ask a moderator to reserve a character of your liking, or if you wish to create a new original character. This is also a wiki for fanon, so go wild with your imagination!

Roleplaying will go on mainly in the chatroom, so go ahead and come in here! Forum roleplays are welcome as well.